A Butterball Turkey, Or A Handful Of Rice?

So whose birthday is it anyway? Our family's? Friend's? Coworker's? Boss's? These are the people we buy presents for at this time of the year. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. So why is it that everyone gets a present but Him? What is your present for Jesus this Christmas since it is the celebration of His birth? If Jesus truly means to us what we say, how do we reflect that on His birthday? Jesus said that at the end of time we will know our relationship with Him by what we did to the poorest around us ("the least of these"). So what are we doing to raise up the life of the poor? Jesus was born in a stable. He entered this world in the lowliest of places. What lowly places have we entered to bring others God's blessings? Let's talk about it........See you in church!!

Reverend Peter Skanse has been preaching and guiding Journey of Faith for 25 years. Available below are his Sunday sermons.

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