Manoa Homes: Parents That Make Things Possible

What makes a strong person? Is it knowledge, power, or self-sufficiency? Could it be that strength comes not from these things but from the ability to keep our priorities straight? Have you ever noticed how much the "tyranny of the urgent" rearranges our priorities in the present? We do what we think has to be done at the cost of what should be done. If God is 1st in our lives, then He should be 1st in our homes, with our neighbors, friends, co-workers, even the stranger on the street. Samson was the strongest man who ever lived. He was raised in a home that kept their priorities straight. Yet he was weak in character because he could not keep his priorities straight. Let's talk about it......See you in church!


10:00am Worship Services


During worship service; let your child learn God's word in a way they can understand.
Ages 4-10


Seniors, Adults, Highschool, Junior, Primary, Beginners and Nursery. At every stage in life there is something more to learn about who God is, what he has done, and what we are called to do.